Rock Climbing Instructor Training, Snowdon



As you’d expect, we take your health and welfare, and that of our instructors, very seriously.

All of our Activites are fully Risk Assessed in line with current industry good practise and guidelines.

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic we have added extra, carefully considered control measures following relevant guidance from the UK Government and representatives from the British Mountain Guides (BMG) and the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI). It considers the practices evolving in various European countries as they begin to engage in professional outdoor activity.


  1. Client certification of fitness to participate in activity and pre-course COVID-19 Coronavirus screening questionnaires completed within 24hours prior to the session.

  2. Where possible keep a minimum distance of 2 metres apart.

  3. At the beginning of any activities no-one involved should be in a position where they need to self-isolate either because of personal symptoms or contact with others.

  4. Client(s) and instructors to clean and sanitise hands prior to commencing activity session, and during session wherever possible.

  5. Avoid sharing, and all participants supplying their own • Drink, lunch and snacks. • Face coverings • Basic first aid kits – appropriate protective gloves, blister kits, plasters alcoholic wipes etc. • Sun glasses, sun cream etc. • Outdoor clothing appropriate for any conditions. • Specialist equipment if possible (harnesses, helmets, abseil gloves).

  6. GO Vertical Instructors to have a face covering for themselves and spares. It is recommended that client(s) bring their own. Face Masks to be worn when working in close proximity.

  7. GO Vertical to provide a sealed communal first aid kit.

  8. Client(s) should understand rescue procedures in the event of an accident including the requirement for increased self-reliance as a party owing to limitations placed on the emergency services.

  9. Client(s) to understand the increased requirement for self-rescue in case of incident during abseil or climbing activities, as Instructor rescue may require less than 2m distancing.

  10. Clients need to take more ownership of any personal medical problems and GO Vertical will be more considerate of these problems allowing for more of a net of safety during the activity.

  11. Thought given to wind direction and the air borne movement of Coronavirus particles.

  12. Restrict numbers in cars (unless household members) to a minimum to help with social distancing.

  13. GO Vertical Instructors to ensure that their own clothing and all equipment used or provided has been cleaned and/or quarantined and stored appropriately since the last use.

  14. All communal kit to be labelled as when last cleaned and so ready for the day.

  15. Be mindful of other users on paths, communal areas and parking.

  16. Equipment issued at the beginning of the session and to remain in the client’s possession  for entire session. At the end of the session it will be sealed in a plastic bag until GO Vertical can clean it appropriately according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

  17. Social distancing, hygiene and risk management to be aided by maximum ratio of 1:6 for all activities.

  18. GO Vertical to operate comfortably within the client’s abilities/fitness levels and in optimum conditions wherever possible.

  19. Identify and encourage separate areas for both the Instructor and client(s) , and spectators where relevant

  20. Wherever possible, equipment that is used communally to be regularly cleaned and disinfected during session

Whilst we will make every effort to ensure safety, we must ask you to acknowledge that it is not possible to mitigate [entirely] against the risk of contraction of COVID-19, and to  understand and accept that participation in any organised activity may expose you to a risk of contraction of COVID-19

Klettersteig, Tyrol, Austria